Friday 23 April 2010

And then there was six

Sharon took Marie and Michael up to Palma this evening for them to begin a protracted journey home via Shannon, staying over and then bussing up to the midlands. I had a great final evening with the boys. It was a shame Sharon missed out. I took them down to the beach which is now clear of the seaweed-type plant which they let build up over the winter period. In the evening sun, the big lads had a brilliant time, running in and out of the surf, digging in the sand and generally bidding a fond farewell to Mallorca. Angus was champing at the bit to get out his buggy,. which almost ended up in the sea at one point as a rogue wave washed in! We cleaned off in the pool back at the house afterwards and the boys went to bed tired and happy.

Marie had her wallet nicked at the Alcudia market on Tuesday. She had returned there with Sharon and the big boys on Tuesday, after a trip to the library to make up for the fact that Sean and Finn were missing school from Tuesday onwards. I spent that morning strolling with Angus in the buggy in the south end of the resort but unfortunately the path across San Baulo beach was suitable for the buggy and I had to loop round the marina area. C'an Picafort has been OK as a base; the house has been excellent but the resort is only just waking up to the summer season. Had we made more of the beach then it would be an ideal location but I reckon a finca near Pollensa would have suited us fine. Admittedly it has been good being able to walk to local shops rather than use a car.

We had a cracking day on Wednesday, driving down to Porto Cristo across the Mallorcan countryside. The sun shone and, after the obligatory playpark stop beside the marina, we had a fairly ordinary tapas lunch (cooked by an Irishman) before returning to the splendid strip of beach by the harbour. Marie and Michael went on a boat trip while I made a big sandcastle with the lads. Sean and Finn were having a ball, getting filthy digging holes and making mud pies, lying in the surf and generally making the most of a day at the beach. After his nap, Angus joined in too, with his first paddle in the sea. He was reluctant at first but soon got the hang of it, despite a splash of salt water in the mouth! It was the kind of beach that you wished was a couple of miles longer, as a stroll along the waterline and back was all too brief. There were some tired boys on the drive home.

The rain returned yesterday so I drove Marie, Finn and Rowan over the mountains and through the tunnels to Port de Soller. It was tipping down with rain th as we dodged from awning to awning before having lunch. There was little point in hanging about so the afternoon was spent picking our way north-east along the winding mountain roads. Unfortunately, with the weather having closed in there was little to see as we eventually came down to Inca and the flatter land. Sharon and I went round the corner to Rapha's in the evening which was quiet but we were the focus of attention for the owner who was excellent in telling us about the dishes and the wines. The food was just too salty for our liking which was a shame as otherwise it would have been a fine meal to round off our holiday.

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