Monday 3 May 2010

Angus the Intrepid

As Angus ticks off the last month of the calendar, we're reailsing our last little boy is speeding his way out of babyhood. In Mallorca he was starting to cruise the furniture with some success, having also adopted a more traditional crawling style compared to his former commando crawl / butterfly stroke, probably as a result of the tiled floors being a bit cold on his tummy.

On return home he renewed his efforts to achieve his goal of climbing the stairs. We would hear him making his way along the hall carpet then there would be a series of grunts and slides then we would be alerted by one of his brothers that "Angus is on the stairs again!" On insepction, he would be several stairs up, offering a cheeky satisfied smile through the spindles. Eventually, when no-one was looking, he got all the way to the top, a feat repeated a number of times since, usually under supervision.

Yesterday, I went into the attic to unearth the stair-gate we used to bar Rowan's access to the stairs at a similar age. Angus's disappointment at the stairs being off-limits was more than offset by the appearance of a number of new toys, a V-Tech walker amongst them. He promptly staggered the length of the hall without too much bother, having the weight (now two stones) to push down on the walker as well as the balance to maintain a forward momentum with his chubby little legs. He was delighted with himself!

Angus continues to enjoy his grub and is starting to share some of the meals that his brothers have, sometimes eating better than them. His ability at picking up finger food is very good although he's got to the "throw things on the floor for attention" stage which seems to be where most of his bread and toast is ending up. He's still not really cracked drinking from a beaker and showed a little promise in sucking a straw on holiday but I'm sure he'll figure out feeding himself soon enough. The first of his two top teeth has broken through and the dreadful teething nappies of the last few weeks have thankfully abated. Some things about babyhood you will not miss!

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