Wednesday 19 May 2010

Me and the three

Thankfully Sharon and Sean's new flight returned from Gothenburg as scheduled today. It was good to see them as I had gone to work today after arranging for Angus to go into Fairmile Nursery and Rowan and Finn to go to Alison's (fortunately for me, as she already had four to look after).

Over the weekend, Rowan, Finn and Angus did quite well for getting out and about, whether or not they appreciated it. On Saturday afternoon we went to Musselburgh, to Lewisvale Park. The play area there is more of the infant variety, so Finn was as old as I'd want to take there. There was a bird cage however, that held their attention, an empty pond for playing in and a bandstand. We also walked up and around the cricket pitch where Musselburgh were playing.

On Sunday, as previously mentioned, we went to Dalkeith with scooter and trike then on Monday we had to go to the Eye Pavilion for Rowan's check-up. His long-sightedness is measuring around +2.50 in each eye, with no marked difference between his eyes so no need for patches. Rowan was remarkably quiet, barely whispering the shapes he was viewing on the charts.

We then headed to Saughton Winter Gardens to catch the last of the splendid spring flower displays while having a picnic. The sun came out and the tulips looked splendid. It's always nice to go somewhere we haven't been for a while and have Finn (or Rowan) say "I remember this place!" Often, especially with Rowan, he's talking nonsense but if they back it up with a memory then you know they genuinely do recall being there before. Saughton has a new skate and bike park which fascinated Ro and Finn. Given half a chance, Rowan would have been out there on his trike!

With a good forecast on Tuesday and my enforced absence from work minding the boys, I made the most of it and drove up to Kinross. Again, the boys recalled being there last summer and were soon attacking the climbing frames, cargo nets and big slide with gusto. It was lovely and sunny and very quiet. We sat and had another picnic then Angus dozed in his buggy while Finn and Rowan ran around. I couldn't persuade them to take a boat trip out to Loch Leven Castle. Not surprisingly, there were two sleepy boys on the drive home, which made for a hard evening as neither was ready to go to bed. Finn had his swimming lesson as Angus slithered and slid all over the place on the watching platform while Rowan and Duncan chatted away.

So, despite Sharon's extended trip to Sweden, I had some good times with the wee three.

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