Monday 17 May 2010

Deja vu

Sharon's flight has been cancelled so I'm holding the fort until she returns, hopefully on Wednesday. This puts me in a spot of bother as I was due to return to work yesterday so the logistics of ad-hoc childcare beckon.

I've never been a fan of RyanAir's service and having to deal with them through this kind of disruption makes it even more clear what using a low-cost airline really means. Anything other than a completely smooth process and you're going to incur fees. Fees for trying to get through to them at the call centre; fees for receiving text messages should they deign to update you of your travel circumstances; fess to check in online and even bigger fees if you don't check in online and print your boarding pass (on A4 paper).

All the hassle of sorting this out rather detracted from my enjoyment of England stuffing the Aussies by seven wickets last night to win the World 20-20 Trophy. Remarkably, they were the best team and deserved to win their first world ICC event. Could they carry that confident approach into next winter's Ashes down under? It would be great if they could!

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