Sunday 16 May 2010

Ash Cloud II

I'm sitting here hoping the latest splurge of ash from the Eyjafjallajokull volcano clears by lunchtime tomorrow. Sharon is in Gothenburg with Sean and is due to fly back to Prestwick, currently closed, at 1315 tomorrow. They went over on Friday morning to visit Adrian and seem to have had a great time, thus far. Sean was designing some hopscotch-shoe-caddy thing and couldn't wait to get in the workshop with Adrian to work on his "invention." Sean still cites being an inventor as what he wants to do when he grows up.

I've been on duty back at the ranch. Today was better than yesterday, as Rowan finally seemed to be a bit better after a week of being at his hollering and hoo-ing worst. He's not been well, been right off his food, sick a couple of times and with a really runny nose and a fever. But, being Rowan, he's been hard work with his illness, coughing and spluttering and dissolving into tears whenever you ask him to do something he disagrees with: which is every ten minutes. Sharon bore the brunt of it this week but he was back on his food today and enjoyed himself at the Bonnyrigg soft play and later, on his tricycle at Kings Park in Dalkeith.

Finn has enjoyed being the big boy in the house although he has been in one of his unbearably lively moods recently. He enjoyed a "Sporting Hearts" day trip from school on Thursday and was runner-up in a school colouring competition, winning a set of pencils and a pen. Today he's been singing a selection of Newton Faulkner songs (assisted by Rowan) and has been good at minding Angus. Angus is keen to try minimally supported walking although a face plant on the carpet today has left him looking a bit scalded.

So here's hoping the airports open tomorrow and clear the way for Sharon and Sean's return.

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