Monday 31 May 2010

A teetering step

This evening, Finn held up Angus who took his own weight and took one tiny teetering step towards me before falling into my outstretched arms. My baby. I am shaking my head as I type this, with a sense of disbelief. Where has a year gone to? Knowing Angus is my last, I am desperately trying to savour every minute of his "baby-hood", and almost want to freeze him in time. He is growing up so fast.

Mind you, they all are. You look at Rowan, with his amazing vocabulary. He can speak as clearly and competently as most P1 kids! He always has been 3 going on 13! Bless him, he got his pre-school booster jags today, he was such a star. The first one was ok, but the second one hurt him, mostly because he was trying to wriggle out of my grasp so much. He may be as skinny as anything just now, but he is very strong!

Finn had his French assembly this morning and was singing Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes en Francais, as he ably demonstrated in the playground while we waited for Sean to come out. He continues to delight and frustrate in equal measures! He cant seem to walk past me at the moment without slapping me "on the jelly belly" as he calls my stretchmark-ridden stomach!

Sean impressed me today with his efforts at cycling, after his cycling proficiency class at school. That was, until he lost control of the bike and steered straight into the side of a high wall, knocking himself to the ground. As ever, his cries of pain and anguish were most dramatic. Bless the boy, he doesn't do pain at all well!

Every now and again, I have to stop and think to myself how did I get to be nearly 40 with 4 lads, a husband and a house? Wasn't it only yesterday I was only 26, training like mad for rowing, enjoying a social life and living in a flat? Blink and you miss it! That's why you've got to enjoy the here and now. Really looking forward to Angus' wee birthday party on Saturday, and so so pleased Mam and Dad are coming over for it. Poor Angy is last in line, the novelty of it all has gone, but that's not fair on him and his first birthday is a really special day for him (and me!), so delighted his grandparents are coming over to spend the birthday with him.

Because he really is a special little baby boy.

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