Sunday 6 June 2010

Angus is One

I've fallen a bit behind with entries, June having been a rather busy month on the work, school and holiday month. But it would be remiss of me not to mention Angus's fine first birthday party. The morning was rather hectic as Sharon was helping out in the cafe at the School Summer Fayre, which I attended with Michael and the three biggest lads. Angus was at home taking it easy in preparation for his big day. The boys enjoyed the Field of Fun: bouncing on the castle, doing laps on space hoppers, kicking balls about and so on. They made sure they got their cakes but didn't see why they had to queue for lunch at the cafe when Mammy was serving! It didn't trigger a memory at the time, but as I write this I recall the slightly odd feeling I got when I saw my Mum working in the kitchen at Bushes Primary when I went in for lunch. More often than not she was at another school, so I didn't usually see her. Her complaint was always the week when she was on the dreaded "tin sink" which no doubt meant scraping out potato and pastry encrusted pots and trays.

Anyway, back to the house and Sharon maintained the cooking tempo, putting the finishing touches to an array of curried dishes that she had mostly prepared the night before. After 3pm, the guests began to arrive. Paul O'Sullivan and his flatmate, the Fishers, the Valentines, the Fletchers and the Patersons: no baby friends for Angus, but enough people to spoil him and enough children to keep all our boys occupied. The sun shone in the afternoon and Angus sat out and devoured some corn on the cob (in fact anything within grabbing reach was in danger of disappearing down the gaping Angus maw) while his guests made merry at the bar on the back patio. Sharon's excellent spread of food was very well received (I did burgers for the children) just before the rain came on and we moved indoors. Sharon brought through Angus's cake to the living room where he stood next to the console and looked on wide-eyed at the chocolate cake with its single candle.

With the adults ensconced in the conservatory and the children thankfully doing their own thing in the playroom, the party went on well into the evening, only briefly interrupted by Angus's departure to bed. A fine time was had by all, although Sean, Finn and Rowan were predictably over-tired as they were put to bed after 10.30pm.

So, no more children under one in the Wallace household. Happy first birthday Angus, you were a smiling star all day!

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