Sunday 18 July 2010

Amnesiac boys

It's interesting to note that Rowan has started referring to yesterday as "the day before this day." This was something Finn used to say, even up till P1, as he didn't seem to get the concept of yesterday and tomorrow ("the day after this day"). Rowan, however, used to use the word "yesterday" quite frequently, in the correct context it seemed, but now he has reverted to the other phrase. Regardless, none of them seemed able to remember what we did yesterday, having a collective amnesia that led them to describe Friday's events but not being aware that Saturday had even happened. Maybe it was last night's chicken dinner that caused it.

Anyway, yesterday I took the four lads out into East Lothian. It was a showery day (recent weather has been very wet, even for July) and Angus had fallen asleep so I drove on to Coldingham. I didn't have change for the parking in St. Abbs so we went to Coldingham Bay and donned the wellies for a wander along the beach, making a maze out of the rocks, seaweed and pools of seawater as the drizzle pattered down. The bay seems to be a surfing spot, although the waves were calm today, and there are lots of colourful beach huts lining the edge of the crescent shaped beach. It would be a pleasant spot on a sunny day. It dried up enough for us to have a picnic back near the car then we drove back to Dunbar where we quickly had to shelter from a heavy shower in the back of the car. After some photos by the big gun on the cliff top, the boys had a run about in Lauderdale Park. Angus didn't sleep as long as he ought to but he was pleased to get on a swing and down a slide while his brothers had a great time on a tipping, revolving bowl. It was a good blast to get out in the sunshine and showers.

I took Friday off, since Sharon was in Birmingham, and had a great day with Sean and Finn. We went swimming in Livingston then had lunch in Wagamama. Sean was most disgruntled as he surveyed the kids menu but Finn dived straight in and ordered noodles. Sean had to admit that it was much better than he thought it was going to be. It made a change from the usual fare. We then had a wander round the shops, getting Sean pyjamas and a Mario Kart T-shirt and books for both of them. I thought the Snow Spider Trilogy would be enough to keep Sean occupied for a week but he's been avidly reading it and, 36 hours later, he's already 230 pages in! On the way home we stopped at Hailes Park for a run around then picked up the wee two from Fairmile. Rowan had been a bit naughty during the day. He's definitely easily led that boy and it's something we'll need to watch out for as he gets older.

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