Saturday 17 July 2010

Stepping up

Angus is now walking! He took a few steps on Tuesday for Linda and then Sharon and I had him walking (well, taking a step or two then lunging) between us in the kitchen. By Wednesday he was dancing with his brothers in the sitting room and drenched with sweat at his efforts! That boy knows how to sweat. Since then he's been standing up without the aid of support, tottering hither and thither and regaining his balance when he looks like tipping over. Today he managed to walk from the front door all the way into the sitting room and was mightily pleased with himself. He is currently sporting a couple of livid line bruises, one on his cheek and on on his leg, where he has toppled over against the console unit. Like his brothers, he'll just have to master the art of the toddle and make sure his face plants are on soft ground.

It's not all been good news though. His fifth tooth has cut through and his nappies over the last week have been dreadful. His bottom is all sores and scabs and he hasn't been sleeping very well. Sharon had a tough night with him on Wednesday, barely getting any sleep before her early start to fly down to Birmingham for the PC conference. Angus doesn't seem bothered by his sore bottom during the day, other than when he is being changed. His appetite is certainly undiminished. He can easily put away as much as Rowan, and generally more quietly.

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