Saturday 27 November 2010

Cold snaps

Less than eight months have passed since I was surveying the snowy scene from the boys' bedroom window on my birthday. And here we are again, with snow in November. Sean has been desperate to see snow, despite me warning him that he'd soon tire of it. As we looked out last night, Rowan asked if it would be Christmas tomorrow. Not quite, and the danger of snow too early may mean the boys peak even earlier than usual with their Christmas excitement.

It was a bit icy underfoot as we trod into Loanhead Miners Welfare Society to get a professional family photo taken by Jon Savage. Trying to get the four boys to form some kind of order, with smiles on all our faces, was a challenge. Rowan was a whirling dervish, Angus was wriggling worse than a bag of eels, but at least Sean and Finn were diong their best to keep an eye on the camera. By the end, only Finn hadn't burst into tears, Sean having been mauled by Angus at some point. So, when we see the prints, we have to bear in mind the context!

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