Tuesday 30 November 2010

Deep and crisp and even

And then it really snowed! Over the last three days we must have had close on two feet of snow. I have never seen the like. Last winter was the heaviest and longest lying snow that I could remember, but this latest snowfall is without doubt even deeper than that. Sharon and I have been taking turns to get out and clear the paths and driveway and pavement, and help our neighbours too. There is definitely more of a community spirit in times like these. You see more of your nieighbours than you ever would normally.

The pavements are near enough impassable with the depth of snow, and the roads aren't much better. It's also too deep to play in. Sean came out on the Sunday afternoon and we built the beginnings of a snow cave and a snowman with apples for eyes (there are still apples on the tree) but by Monday these cerations had been obliterated by a new fall of snow. Rowan was watching Finn and Sean from the upstairs window and was bemoaning the fact that "he wasn't brave enough" to go out. Given his propensity to get cold and have a meltdown (oxymoron intended), it's probably best he stays inside. Sharon took Angus out and dropped him into the garden drifts: it was almost up to his chest.

The Powers came round for cake on Sunday afternoon but all other plans are in disruption. The schools are off and I haven't attempted to get into work for the last two days, although the main road is now passable and buses are running. It's been more critical to try to dig out the snow engulfing our house and help Sharon out with the boys. Sharon and I have trekked to Morrisons for food essentials, with Sean and Finn occasionally coming along for the adventure, but it's a big effort to march through the deep snow. Where it has been churned up it's like cake mixture, to quote Sean.

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