Sunday 5 December 2010

Angus is 18 months old

Finally, after eight months and nappies so dreadful we've decided to suspend real nappy operations for now, Angus has two new teeth. Two bottom molars have cut through. Not that the lack of grinders has stopped him from attacking his food. He is very adept at feeding himself with a spoon and now a fork and can even manage an open cup without spilling (too much). He now runs about, comes out with the odd word (generally "nana" while pointing at the fruit bowl) and is forever creating a mess, pulling books down in the playroom or scattering toys everywhere.

But he has a beautiful smile and a great nature, although don't cross him. If he grabs you with one of those powerful mitts, especially in the bath, you're done for, as his brothers have found to their cost. He loves books and I had a great half hour playing with shape sorters with him, something that I don't do enough. Angus still takes a bottle at bedtime and gives great cuddles and kisses, the former usually accompanied by an "awh!" and a patting of the back. He's generally sleeping better now, getting past 7am which is a relief. I was out at Lesley's today, having finally shifted my car through the ice and snow and Angus had a great time running between fish tanks. Rowan just watched the Double Deckers!

18 months old, Angus. Our baby is catching up with his brothers.

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