Thursday 9 December 2010

Flaked out

Just when it looked as though we were over the worst of the snow and were hoping to see soem clear roads and pavements, it returned with a vengeance on Monday. I had driven in but the sky soon took on that leaden, purple-grey hue and the flakes began to fall. I walked up to Standard Life House for some meetings but as the snow got heavier people started leaving the office in droves. That wasn't the best move, as the buses had stopped running, so I kept faith in the forecast that said the snow was due to stop in the afternoon.

It did stop, but with another six inches on top of last week's fall, the journey home was likely to be a slow one. I walked up to Churchhill where I was fortunate to get on a recently restarted bus to get me home to a freshly snowbound Swanston. Our snow shovel had tragically splintered on Friday, leaving us with the back-breaking effort of trying to shift snow using a normal, short handled spade. Just as well I had cleared a lot of gravel encrusted ice from the drive at the weekend, along with Sharon, so we were able to scrape tracks away through the new fall before it froze hard too.

So began another week of late starts as school, trying to get everyone dressed, trying to get the car near enough to school so that I could take the boys through the drifts and then traipsing to a bus stop. It's not been productive on either the home or work front. One morning I just decided to walk from Greenbank to SL House. At least we're getting some exercise!

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