Friday 10 December 2010

See thaw

At last the thaw has begun in earnest. The temperature is forecast to be higher for just a few days but hopefully that will be enough to clear some of the snow. Already the driveway and roads are looking much clearer, although some of the mounds of snow, especially the two metre high one at the end of the Terrace, are likely to remain with us until springtime. It was still treacherous down by the school, trying to park and walk along the icy pavements. Sean slipped and feel but fortunately didn't hurt himself.

Last night was rather disruptive for Sharon as time and again, great avalanches of snow thundered down the roof, waking the boys. Rowan was distraught, sure there was a lion in his room! He has been up in the night a lot recently, claiming to "have had a bad dream" or some such reason for not staying in his bed. As ever with Rowan, he isn't quiet about it either, be it 2am, 4am or 6am. I have to confess to sleeping through the thunderous plunges of melting snow and ice. All the fresh air and exercise has led to me sleeping very soundly.

Sharon splashed out on ski socks, salopettes and thermal underwear for the big three yesterday. This caused great excitement as they tried them on last night before bed. Of course, Rowan was complaining at having to put on the salopettes this morning, despite having been moaning about being cold every time he's been out in the last fortnight.

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