Sunday 26 December 2010

Boxing Day delight

With the cricket on in Australia I generally watch the start of play before going to bed. Stay up too late and I pay the price if Rowan "I had a bad dream / there's a monster in my room / I've done a wee / I want my cereal" Wallace decides to have an early start. However, I then have a twenty hour delay between seeing the live action and watching the evening highlights, a period in which I have to avoid hearing the score on TV, radio or in conversation, a feat I generally manage quite well without going to the lengths in a famous episode of the Likely Lads.

As Sharon seemed unusually keen to sit and watch the Boxing Day highlights with me, I suspected something was up. I doesn't get much better than Australia being rolled over for 98 all out and England finishing the day on 157 for no loss. As good a Christmas present as I could hope for!

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