Friday 31 December 2010

Festive freeze

The hard festive frost continues, keeping us pretty much housebound. There is little fun to be had in getting the boys dressed to go out, going out and then coming back in again fifteen minutes later because one of them has wet gloves or is too cold or has slipped over and done a face plant in the snow. I had my usual trip round the sales which was looking fruitless until a final stop in Clarks and Gap. I also took Finn and Rowan into town for lunch and a wander around the carnival, as we needed to get a windscreen wiper fuse repaired in Sharon's car, frozen wipers being a common consequence of the cold snap. The lads were pleased to get a change of scene (and some Thorntons' toffee). Keeping tabs on Rowan was a challenge though. He seems incapable of taking in a word at the moment and it is driving us daft. When a requst does get through it is invariably met with wails, yells and tears and then roundly ignored anyway.

We had an open house on Monday with the Powers, Patersons, St. Johns and Fletchers round. It wasn't a quiet occasion but we were able to shut the door on the frantic children for a spell and enjoy some of Sharon's soup and baking in relative peace. We also had an afternoon and evening round at the Valentines yesterday which was splendid, fine food on offer and a good chance to sit down and chat. Sharon left at 7pm with the boys and I stayed on with the intention of heading out with Euan and "Uncle Gordy", Fiona's brother, but we were too comfortable where we were and saw out the rest of the evening in Comiston before an icy walk home.

This morning we've been packing the car and are on our way to Largs for Hogmanay. Six adults and 11 children: a quiet night in?

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