Monday 17 January 2011

Angus says ta-ta

Angus hasn't been particularly forthcoming with his words. Given his physical prowess - running, climbing, speed and strength at grabbing and throwing - it's not a surprise that he doesn't feel the need to focus his mind on using words to communicate. He has two parents and three elder brothers to translate and vocalize his needs.

However, his enunciation of "ta-ta" in a soft little voice last week was met with great acclaim at the dinner table. He's not been in a hurry to repeat the feat unprompted. And he may not feel the urge (we hope) to compete with the constant babble that eminates from Rowan's mouth. But it was good to hear him speak. His other word is "baw!", generally accompanied by a round-arm hurling action, and he did respond to my "book" with a "boo" the other night.

For now, he's content to ease himself into the world of words and we'll just have to make do with his urgings and pullings and pointings until he decides that vocabulary is a more efficient means of communication. Then, we'll no doubt be tired of hearing the same things over and over again (cue Rowan: "Can I watch TV?").

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