Thursday 20 January 2011

Say aah

We had the six-monthly family dental check-up yesterday which is best described as chaotic. I met the rest of the family at the dentist in Bruntsfield. It then became a crowd control operation, trying to prevent the boys from rearranging the chairs in the waiting room, deciding who goes through to the treatment room in what order, who should stay behind and who can watch or mind whoever is in the chair. At least the DSi is proving to be a good prop in such situations. Sharon is also finding it makes the staggered swimming lessons more bearable.

Finn managed to clash teeth to Angus's head on exit from school so he presented the dentist with a bleeding gum but no permanent damage. Quite a few of his front teeth are loose however, and have been for a few weeks now. He has also acquired some adult molars without us noticing. Angus also has some molars in at last, as well as more incisors, so he's able to gnash with the best of them now. Sean almost lost the plot when the cold air was blasted on his teeth but the dentist stopped short of the cold water. That would have been the point of no return. Sharon and I needed a scale and polish. Somehow we got out without having a child set off a drill or a spray or pull out a drawer. Neither did we over-run the parking meters. All these things almost take your mind off being in the chair. I wouldn't say it was relaxing but it gives you something else to focus on!

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