Sunday 23 January 2011

More car misery

I had hoped that 2010 was the year of the car problem and that 2011 would be more fruitful and less expensive on that front. Alas no. Sharon had to go to a show in Castle Douglas today but my battery was flat so she ended up taking her car, leaving me feeling rather stuck in the house with the boys. Fortunately Adrian has been here since Wednesday so he took the big boys out for a walk while Angus slept. On her return, Sharon elected to reverse into the drive so that I could jump start my car. However, she made contact with the wall which has left two doors of the Sharan severely scraped and dented. It looks expensive. I was able to get my car started, at least, although as it has now hit the 95,000 mile mark, I feel it is increasingly prone to old age. I'm still driving through the winter without any heating which isn't much fun.

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