Monday 31 January 2011

Finn loses a tooth

With Sharon down at Leadership Conference in London over the weekend I had a fun few days trying to co-ordinate pick-ups and drop-offs whilst also going into work. I did take Wednesday afternoon off and had a good play with Angus in the back garden, kicking a ball about and trying to avoid squishing the rotten apples that finally appeared from beneath the snow drifts. It was good to see the afternoon just a little lighter than the depths of midwinter, offering hope that spring may soon be in the air.

Such thoughts were quickly dispelled by the biting winds of the last few days. I elected to do as little as possible with the boys as they were fairly busy with cubs, skiing, trampolining, nursery and school, and seemed content to stay in and be fed winter favourites such as fish pie, burgers and sausage pasta. On Saturday evening though, a melon provided the death knell for one of Finn's shaky teeth, a lower incisor. There was a fraught half hour in which the poor lad was clearly distraught, having never suffered a tooth loss before. He didn't want to touch it with either finger or tongue and was drooling bloody saliva into a paper towel before I persuaded him to gently manipulate it to finally separate it from his gum.

Sharon returned after the boys were in bed, having had a very hard working few days in London. The Tooth Fairy duly visited Finn in the night, to the tune of £2. I'm not sure what he's done with the money.

On Sunday we had a rare family day, Sharon having been hither and tither this month. She bought the boys some music CDs. Sean is really into his pop now, so a Katy Perry CD and Now (That's What I Call Music) 77 was much appreciated. I can remember the first Now... album in 84/85. I was in my first year at Uni and my landing mate Dougie Adamson played it to death. Freedom from Wham! got plenty needle time. So we had a family disco in jammies on Sunday morning before embarking on a trip to the barbers for all four boys, Angus included. he behaved very well, sitting on my lap, and didn't seem the least bit bothered at the trimmer being used to tidy up his "sideys!" Credit to the barbers in Morningside: there's a few who wouldn't have looked favourably on us descending en masse.

After that we went to Two Thin Laddies at Tollcross for lunch. They're doing a good line in gluten-free food now and I enjoyed the all day cooked breakfast with GF sausages and Genius bread toasted. It's a long time since I've tucked into that when I've been out! It was good to spend some family time together after all the shuttling back and forward of the last few weeks.

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