Wednesday 16 February 2011


Notwithstanding my comments about swimming lessons, we had a great family swim this evening. It's been a long time since we've all headed to the pool and Loanhead is a good location as it has a trainer pool that Rowan and Angus can splash about in as well as the bigger pool. Angus was launching himself in with abandon, with the usual amount of water swallowing and cuoching and spluttering and looks of surprise that he can't actually breathe underwater. He was up for the elephant slide into the big pool however, and came flynig down that into the water a few times, to be caught by me or Sharon.

Rowan, to his credit, was doing some good lying on his back, with and without armbands, and was very nearly floating on his own at one stage. Sean and Finn just had a carry on, loving to be chased in the water. Tired boys going to bed, although Sean is becomnig an increasingly late bird these days.

It's the February week. Given the week's enforced break caused by the snow in December, the Christmas holidays and now this week off, it feels like they've been off more than at school this winter.

We had a great family afternoon at Linlithgow Palace and policies at the weekend. Sharon hadn't been before and was impressed by its interior. There were no pigeons lurking in the dark interiors to scare Sean this time. We had a good time climbing up twisty towers and navigating our way around the rooms. Carrying Angus was a hard job though! Outside we strolled round the loch to a nearby playpark. I'd put the camera away which was a shame as the site of all four boys piling down the slide after one another was one to behold. It was good to get out and get some fresh air.

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