Thursday 10 February 2011

Four go swimming

No sooner was Sharon back from Ireland than she was off down to London for an exec meeting. This left me with the lads and a couple of half-days at work which can be a logistical nightmare: getting them up, dressed, fed and out to school and nursery then picking them up at their various times. Angus was covered by his pal Linda staying on till I got home at lunchtime. Linda has Angus well trained. He's a great man for helping empty the dishwasher or put shopping away or hang up a washing.

Tuesday afternoons are a bit of a chore, as it's swimmnig lesson time at Gracemount. Trying to keep them all in check, changed, in the pool, dried and out again while ensuring Angus hasn't done a runner out the door, into the pool or got himself stuck inside a locker (believe me, he tries), is hard work, especially in the heat of the pool and the midst of other similarly harassed parents and carefree children. From the little I could see, Sean and Finn are doing OK, but Rowan is still in armbands and still in a world of his own, rather than listening and following instructions.

Finn has made his Beaver promise up at Fairmilehead church (the South Morningside troop) and looked very smart in his new tartan neckie. After his first night nerves he seems to be enjoying going now. He's a boy that takes a lot of persuading to try something new.

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