Friday 25 March 2011

Parents' night

It was Parents' Night this week at the school and, happy to report, all three are doing well. Sean's class have had a good time looking at the Romans and Finn's class has been doing a bit on space. Both of them are in their top reading and maths groups. Finn is more modest than Sean and less keen on being ahead of his peers, I'd say, even if his teacher feels he is capable of it. He likes to make others laugh; that seems to make him feel good about himself. Sean is evidently doing well in class but is very reluctant to do his homework at the moment to show us that he is progressing. A good thing about the Parents' Night is getting a chance to see the boys' classwork, especially things like their creative writing. However, when you have three appointments like we do, there isn't much time to sit and and pore over the detail.

Rowan seems to be getting on well at pre-school but we, especially Sharon, have concerns about how his P1 teacher will react to his apparent inability to sit and listen. Rowan does take in what he's being told and is progressing in terms of knowing his letter sounds and starting to blend them to form simple words when looking at books. Undoubtably he will need a teacher well versed in kinesthetic learning so that he doesn't get a bad name for himself because he can't sit still or is always getting into tangles with other children who don't appreciate his physical style. He is a bright boy and we just hope his abilities can be channeled correctly so that he exploits his talents.

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