Wednesday 30 March 2011

Growing up

Slowly but surely, whisper it, we're leaving babyhood behind. As Angus has outgrown each range of clothes - 3-6 months, 6-12, 12-18 - they've been packed away for the last time. Last week, Paul O'Sullivan took another batch of them across the water to Ireland for their next role. The real nappies, which we stopped using some time ago as they were decidedly flat rather than the fluffy items we purchased over eight years ago, and of decreasing watertightness, also went to a new home at the weekend. The high chairs are slowly being replaced by normal chairs in the kitchen and beakers with lids are now the exception rather than the norm.

All these little markers indicate our little boy is fast growing up. A few words are entering his repertoire each week, but he's in no hurry to converse; quite happy with pointing and urging as it gets him most of what he requires. Angus has moved up into the next room at Fairmile nursery and doesn't seem out of place. They love him in there. He's very helpful at tidying up and insists on doing it before moving on to something else. His brothers are finding him a handful. Tonight he battered Sean on the head with a toy and he frequently rips Finn and Rowan's glasses off and flings them away, unless he wants to try them on himself, usually upside down. It must be odd for him seeing his three big brothers wearing glasses and wondering why he doesn't. More often than not he just does his own thing and doesn't worry about what they're up to but he does love to join in for a dance.

At 21 months, Angus is weighing in at a hefty 16.1 kg, at the top end of the weight chart, and he's about 87.5cm, just above the 75th centile line. He's no slip of a boy and has retained his strength, especially in his grip. When I was lifting him into his cot this evening he grabbed the end rail with first one then two hands and I couldn't tear him away. I had to put him in, standing up, then prise his hands off the end rail.

The other lads' tale of the tape is as follows: Sean 28kg and 132cm (4'4"); Finn 25.5 kg and 124cm (4'1"); Rowan 19.9kg and 106cm (3'6"). Finn is closing the gap on Sean, slowly. Rowan is still the smallest, relatively (around 68th centile), but not by that much and he has put on weight, which was a surprise given his wiry frame. Suffice to say our grocery bills are only going one way at the moment, and it isn't down.

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