Saturday 2 April 2011

Lasts visit

It's been a challenge to keep the house in order this week as Linda has been away on holiday so we don't have her to keep the place looking tidy! Angus has developed a distinctly Scottish "oh no!" which we can probably attribute to Linda. He likes to use it whenever something is spilled or just isn't as it should be according to Angus's fairly well-ordered world. It's usually accompanied by an open-palmed gesture as if to say "how could that have possibly happened?"

The Lasts stopped over last night which is always good fun. The boys get on well with Ian and Morven despite the gaps between seeing them and we have a good laugh with Lynne and Paul. We had dinner and then ended up with the obligatory "intro quiz", now made easier by having all sorts of music on the laptop.

The kids were up early enough and noisy enough for us to regret staying up quite so late. Sean had a golf lesson and it was the last of Sean and Finn's trampolining class. They've decided they've had enough of the bouncing which is a shame in one regard, as Finn doesn't do anything particularly strenuous apart from his swimming lessons, but it does simplify the Saturday morning logistics a little. Quite often, if Sharon is working, Angus and Rowan are being shuttled about as part of the Wallace taxi service between golf at Swanston and trampolining at Gracemount, with a rushed shop in between.

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