Thursday 7 April 2011

Sausage sizzle

I never had the pleasure of attending a sausage sizzle in my childhood. I recall Lesley going on one up the Braes but it was an exotic event beyond my ken. Not so any more! I took Finn and Sean up to the Beavers' sausage sizzle at Bonaly this week. It was Finn's event but Sean tagged along too. There was a treasure hunt to collect the letters E-A-S-T-E-R and then a bit of reheating sausages by the various fires that were on the go. We finished off with a sing-song round the campfire. Finn, as usual, preferred to be on the edge of things and not really joining in but I got him and Sean involved by the end.

It was the swimming lessons fun day this week, the last lesson of the term. Rowan hasn't really progressed at all and the other two are "treading water" rather than advancing so we'll see what next term brings. Angus can be a handful during lessons so Sharon just stripped him down this week and threw him in the shower. Needless to say, by the time he was due for bed he had worked up a fair old sweat once more. Him and Rowan just love running about daft chasing each other right before bedtime - definitely a case of second wind after dinner.

After a few weeks deliberating I finally bought a four man tent from Halfords. No doubt I'll spend more time deliberating over when and where I should actually take the boys camping. It'll have to be Sean and Finn first off: the thought of Rowan waking at 4am in a tent and having to subdue him before he wakens up the whole campsite doesn't bear thinking about.

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