Friday 22 April 2011

Second part of Easter hols

Sharon was away for a few days on our return from Largs but Michael and Marie stepped in for some cover. We had a pleasant day on Saturday, driving out into East Lothian for lunch at Whitekirk Golf Club. Angus had a great time running about on the dance floor while Finn and Rowan climbed atop the bar stools to help in ordering the food at the bar. The boys had a table to themselves and did very well.

Next we drive down into North Berwick for a clamber on the rocks while Nana and Papa took Angus for a walk in the buggy. We met up again in town for the obligatory ice-creams and a stroll along to the anchor on the front.

I spent a fair bit of time on Friday successfully sorting out the wiring for the wireless router (isn't that an oxymoron?). The one place that has been a dead zone ever since we bought the wireless modem is the living room which has been most frustrating. Sharon hasn't been able to use the TV screen for informal training in the living room and I can't surf the net while watching TV. Hopefully that is no longer the case as I've re-sited the router and the coverage throughout the house seems more consistent.

Sharon pulled out all the stops with a fine roast lamb dinner on Monday night for Betty and Ian. Betty has taken early retirement. If only I could do the same, on full pay! The Barnes were welcome visitors this week. Sean and Finn were immediately up to high doh on the appearance of Megan and Freya who attempted a sleepover. It would have been their first as Megan doesn't have a good track record of going to bed easily. And so it proved, with Ali having to return later to take the girls home. Shame. We'll see them shortly however, though Sean and Finn don't know that yet!

We had a major irritation at the end of this week. Delisle were enlisted to uproot the remaining shrubs and trees from the front and side beds bordering the front lawn. They managed to cut through the cable that supplies our TV, phone and broadband services! Virgin Media say they can make a temporary fix but it will require an reinstallation of the cable (£99) from pavement to house to fix it properly. If only they had laid it properly the first time rather than run it round the edge of the lawn!

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