Tuesday 26 April 2011

Easter eggcitement

We rounded off an enjoyable Easter period with some more socialising over the Easter weekend. On Saturday night we were invited to the Martins' (Ruth and Norman) in the company of Anne Marie and Peter Penman. Ruth put on a fine spread catering for the coleiac, the vegan and the pescetarian and the chat was good although Norman was obviously a bit miffed when he realised he was the only one not going on the Lake Maggiore trip!

On Sunday, after the boys finally got their hands on some chocolate eggs, we drove up to Aberdour. I took the big three into Aberdour Castle which had some interesting features including a gherkin-shaped doo'cot with an occulus at the top. We sneaked a peek into St. Fillan's chapel which had evidently housed a service earlier int he day. There were some very old "skull and crossbone" headstones in the graveyard.

We rejoined Sharon and Angus in the playpark where everyone had a good time spinning on the flat roundabout and climbing the frame. From there we wandered down to the beach for a fractional paddle in the late afternoon sun, looking back across to Edinburgh and the Pentlands. The weather throughout April has been fantastic but with the cricket season about to start, no doubt the rain will return.

We stopped in at Crammond Brig on the way home and the boys for once surpassed themselves by behaving well over the dinner, and eating up without sliding under the table or running about or refusing to eat the food in front of them as they so often do.

On Easter Monday we drove down to the Cairns' house in Dolphinton. We had a wander up the nearby "Rabbit Hill" which was peppered with rabbit holes and also quite a few Easter eggs previously secreted there by Gav. The children all had a good romp through the grass. We went to see some ponies across the road too. Unfortunately we couldn't go for a ride as the owner had just been receiving Princess Anne (she is her lady-in-waiting in Scotland) and so hadn't had time to prepare the horses!

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