Saturday 30 April 2011

Teenagers in making

The boys were finally back to school last week, but only briefly as they had Friday off for the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton and are off on Monday for another holiday. Throw in next Thursday's Scottish Parliament elections and they hardly seem to have spent any time in school in the last month. And that's on top of losing a week back in Decemner thanks to the snow.

At least the weather has been fine and warm so we've been able to take advantage by sitting out on the bench behind the conservatory after tea while Sean diligently waters the plants in the recently cleared bed and the rest rather less diligently water each other.

Finn, with his keen eye for fashion, was the most interested in watching the Royal Wedding. With Osama Bin Laden having finally been hunted down and both Sharon and I due in the Big Smoke in the next couple of weeks, I was keener to see what levels of security were being applied.

Finn has been very emotional at the moment. He seems determined to ignore whatever we ask him to do, just carrying on doing whatever pleases him then gets very upset when we give him a row. It's an attitude that is spreading to his brothers too. With Sean it's most noticeable after he's spent an extended period with his school pals. Rowan has always been a trial when it comes to paying attention and doing what he is asked and now Angus is blossoming into the terrible twos. He throws mighty tantrums which, combined with his strength, can lead to quite a battle if he is not getting his way. Unlike the others at that age, he is quite prepared to help himself to food too. Sharon often finds him with cheese off the counter or ice lollies from the freezer, typically with teeth marks where he has tried to bite through the plastic wrapper. And he decimates the fruit bowl when the fancy takes him, throwing a massive wobbly if he's told no.

Roll on the teenage years...

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