Tuesday 3 May 2011

Mortonhall madness

Sean started longer golf lessons at Swanston Golf Club on Saturday morning. The lessons are two hours long and feature a bit more than just hitting balls. I hope the boys do take up something like golf so that I can play with them in my dotage. Who will be the first to beat me? Finn has a decent, slow natural swing which could be coached (if Finn took to coaching) whereas Sean tries to hit the ball too hard at the moment which is literally very hit and miss.

It was Ross's special sleepover birthday party on Saturday evening at Mortonhall Caravan and Camp site. The Pattersons took their caravan there and booked the Wigwam cabins for 7 boys (and Phoebe) and their dads. Wendy laid on food throughout the day. We had a treasure hunt round the campsite then played rounders and football up at the top end. I think the dads were enjoying the sports more than the children! After dinner the wine appeared, marshmallows were toasted and eventually, long after it got dark, the children were put to their beds, not helped by Charlie scaring them at their window. Before too much wine was consumed, the adults headed for bed too, although there were a few sorry heads early next morning, only partly assuaged by the bacon and sausage rolls.

The weather held fair, otherwise it could have been a bit of a damp squib, and everyone seemed to enjoy the event. It's the first time I've gone on holiday about a mile from my house!

Later that day I took all the boys to Saughton Park. The wind was a bit chilly but the flowers looked great as they always do at this time in the winter gardens. In the evening the boys had a fine time playing in the garden. It's good to see them outdoors having fun instead of stuck round the DS, heads down, oblivious to anything non-digital.

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