Wednesday 17 August 2011

Rowan is a big P1 boy

Rowan has been fairly excited at the prospect of starting school. With Rowan this often manifests itself as an over-enthusiastic giddiness, not listening to a word we're saying and increased physicality with those around him. He was showing signs of that earlier in the week as the holidays drew to a predictably damp close with heavy rain once more at the start of the week. Sharon took the boys for their en masse haircuts on Monday and by Wednesday morning we had three schoolboys dressed and ready to go.

Rowan didn't actually need to be dressed as he wasn't starting till the afternoon, but there was no denying his desire to fit the part as he posed for his photos with Sean and Finn by the front door. Sharon drove them all down to the school. Sean and Finn have effectively swapped sides of the school building. Sean is starting in P5 with Mrs Cameron and Finn is going into P3 with Mr Peach. Finn's class has stayed exactly the same as last year whereas Sean is reunited with some of his old classmates that were in P4/5 last session.

I arrived back from work just in time to begin the walk with Rowan, Sharon and Angus (in his buggy) down to the school. When asked how he felt about starting school, Rowan's reply was "Happy!" And he was happy as we walked down, him chatting away about all the superhero and super power stuff that fills his head. We got to the school in good time and Rowan was immediately off playing, so much so that he nearly missed going in with the rest of the afternoon intake of P1's! Listen, Rowan!

Sean and Finn were in different P1 classrooms and Rowan is in a different one again, although he does have the same teacher that Sean had, Mrs. Cooke. From being tardy through the door he was almost first in his seat, immediately taking up his pencil to begin colouring the picture in front of him. He was sitting next to Charlie and at a table, and indeed, in a class, populated with familiar faces from pre-school. He settled in quickly, with barely a look up as we left him in the classroom. On our return at three he was gone, having ran out past Mrs. Cooke to play up in the playground with his pal Ross, who is in a different class. He certainly seemed comfortable in Pentland and the two years spent at pre-school have obviously prepared him well for the environment.

After school I took him and Angus up to Buckstone Park for a run around. Rowan immediately struck up a friendship with a boy who was there, showing once again how adept he is at getting on with things and just getting involved rather than humming and hawing on the outside. He could be the one in the family who takes after Sharon with the people skills!

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