Sunday 7 August 2011

St. Andrews

The forecast for the weekend was for very heavy rain so I decided not to go camping with Sean and Finn this weekend. Instead, I headed up to St. Andrews with all four, to find a window in the weather. There was a carnival on in Market St which was most unlike St. Andrews but there was also a farmer's market and food stalls so we were able to tuck into some burgers, garlic mushrooms and Spanish omelette by way of lunch. After that we had a wander round to the Scores, a play by the bandstand and first tee of the Old Course, then went into Ma Bells where some of my old Uni chums were meeting up. Scott, Steve Dane, Mark Salmon, Jon Lyall and Tom Elliot were all in, and the beer was starting to flow. I could have happily settled in for the afternoon but there were boys to mind so had to settle for a half hour chat before departing to the Castle. My lads had a good play about there then we headed back to thwe car, arriving there just as the first spots of rain spattered on to the pavement.

And how it rained! It poured all the way home, all evening and night and was still going hammer and tongs on the Sunday morning. Scott phoned groggily at 0730 to say there was no chance of playing the golf planned for Drumoig that morning. Instead, I had a lazy morning, save for nipping out to do a food shop, then after lunch I returned to Wester Hailes for a swim with Finn and Sean. Still Finn couldn;t quite bring himself to jump in from the platform, although he teetered on the edge a few times. Sean was very confident in his leaps from both boards and even managed a decent head-first dive off the springboard. No danger of me trying to emulate him!

Sean had quite a few bad nose bleeds yesterday. Off all the boys, he's the only one who seems to suffer from this. Hopefully he won't end up needing his nose cauterised like his Aunty Lesley did many years ago.

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