Saturday 6 August 2011

Skiing Finn

Finn's run of doing new things in his holiday continued as he had a week of skiing lessons at Hillend, going each afternoon. He went off quite happily despite not knowing anyone, which was good to see. Sharon reported that he progressed well over the week and he seems to have enjoyed it too, fairly working up a sweat. Reminds me of the morning he and Sean spent in ski school in France. Finn was a damp blob after that one! Sean went up for a ski on Thursday afternoon while Finn was having his lesson and was fairly flying about the place. Here's hoping he keeps it up.

Finn had to cut short his last lesson as I collected him and Sean on Friday afternoon and drove into town for their first ever Fringe show. We went to see "Potted Potter" in the Pleasance Grand as I thought that would be appropriate given their current interest in all things Potter. It was good fun, a parody on all seven books done in seventy minutes with imaginative use of props. (Sean says, "It was funny. I liked the part where they acted out the Prisoner of Azkaban using a slide show.") There was even a game of Quidditch in which we, the audience, had to try and get a beach ball through a hoop. Remarkably, our team (Slytherin House) won! According to Dan, one of the actors, it was the first time in five years of putting on the show that anyone had scored!

After the show, we had to dash up to Fairmile nursery to collect the wee two. It was an especially notable day for Rowan as it was his last day there after four years. We draw every closer to him starting P1. He didn't appear unduly upset at leaving Fairmile: like Finn before him he has probably outgrown that stage and is ready for his next big move - school!

Angus has been a bit of a tyke recently, a regular cuckoo in the nest. He just won't stay in bed in the morning and has been bed-hopping, much to the irritation of those he has been waking up. If he isn't in at me and Sharon at 0600, I often hear him padding through to Sean and Finn's room to climb in beside them. Needless to say we're all a bit tired and cranky, moods which haven't been helped by the continuing poor weather.

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