Monday 5 September 2011

Finn is Seven

We headed out for lunch on Sunday, in celebration of Finn's seventh birthday. Sharon attempted a run in the morning but the knee she injured on Thursday was playing up again and she had to settle for some training at Gracemount. This is not good news with the Great North Run just two weeks away and Sharon is frustrated that all her training may be for nought.

We drove to Gifford, to the Goblin Ha', where we enjoyed a tasty if rather drawn-out lunch. Our order never made it from till to kitchen which resulted in a rather lengthy delay before our food arrived. Fortunately the boys behaved themselves and were able to play out in the garden seating area to pass the time. The food was good once it arrived and we enjoyed calamari, salads, chorizo, pizzas, burgers, macaroni and a gammon steak for me. With the obligatory chips for Rowan. It can be a challenge getting Rowan to eat anything other than the plainest fare these days, at home and when out. Angus is more adventurous when he puts his mind to it, which explains why his still-round tummy shows little sign of slimming down.

From Gifford we drove to Dunbar to try out the leisure pool there. The great attraction was the wave machine. Sean and Finn delighted in swimming in the waves while Rowan was determined to get as near to them as he could, despite being regularly knocked under the water. Stubborn as ever, Angus was refusing to wear armbands but was determined to wade in as deep as he could, oblivious to the fact that he couldn't breathe any time he stumbled under the water.

Finn's actual birthday was on the Monday. He was delighted with his Lego set (Hogwarts Castle) and Harry Potter Lego Wii game and launched into playing with them as soon as he got home from school. His missing teeth are starting to come in too, so he'll look less like a toothless laddie in a few months' time. Happy birthday Finn!

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