Wednesday 7 September 2011

The wee two

From Sharon today: Angus is The Bear...who refuses to sleep! Couldn't get him down again today. "Angus no sleep, no rest in bed, ok?" That started from Sainsburys and lasted the whole way home. Talk about stubborn! He is currently sat watching tv with a blanket around him, and is looking sleepy so hope he dozes off for a few minutes even. [He didn't. Got so sleepy he had to have a bath before tea to waken him up. A similar thing happened on Saturday where he dozed off on the kitchen table waiting for his lunch. All these early mornings are catching up with him. If only he'd learn and stay in bed till after 7, which he did for once this morning.]

Got Rowan's brown glasses fixed this morning [a regular occurrence]. Angus also has worms, so have had that delight and the associated 4 dirty nappies already today.

This morning at breakfast Sharon commented on the sunflowers we have growing behind the herbs in our "kitchen" garden. Rowan announced it was "sunproof". When we asked him what that meant he said "it was protected from the sun, just like waterproof. Raincoats were waterproof to protect you from getting wet. And bulletproof suits protected you from bullets." It always comes back to superheroes with Rowan. He can be a bright boy at times but often hides it well by appearing not to listen. When asked how he was getting on in class, Mrs. Cooke replied with the enigmatic "his smile will get him far." True, but there comes a point where you see through the dimples and the twinkling eyes and he needs to concentrate, listen and act on what he is being told to do. Especially at swimming lessons, for example.

Rowan had Charlie for a play last week and was at Charlie's today after school. We're keen for him to develop new friends within his class. There's definitely a Gormley in him though, as he has no problem striking up friendships wherever he goes. Even at the Goblin Ha' on Sunday he was playing with a boy his own age. Long may his gregariousness continue.

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