Saturday 8 October 2011

Birthday girl

Rowan was very sick in the middle of the night going into Monday, which is very unusual for him. Sharon didn't get much sleep at all as she went into the spare bed with him but he was retching every half hour or so, having been sick all over the bathroom floor before that. He recovered gradually over the course of Monday, having bedded down on the couch and got a marathon dose of TV, which can only have been to his liking. No-one else came down with anything as the week progressed, thankfully. Rowan's hygiene leaves a lot to be desired at times so whether he's picked something up or infected himself remains open to debate.

We're arranging Rowan's party for The Kabin, a new soft-play and general community resource in Loanhead. It seems a nice place and well-priced too. Sharon took the boys there and on the way out inadvertantly pressed the fire alarm instead of the door release button. The staff didn't know how to switch it off. As Sharon drove off she saw a fire engine heading towards the building...

It was Sharon's birthday yesterday. Lesley and Stuart came over to mind the boys while we headed through to Glasgow to the Firebird, a (supposedly) gluten-free restaurant near Kelvingrove Art Gallery to meet the Wilsons times two. The place smelt suspiciously of paraffin and could give no guarantees about the "gluten-freeness" of the main courses - they could only vouch for the pasta and pizza dishes (which I would normally avoid as these are dishes I could do at home). The food was decent enough, although I do find pizza rather boring, and it was good to meet up with Jane, Philip, Alison and David. We went on to a pub briefly afterwards before cracking back through to Edinburgh.

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