Saturday 15 October 2011

Harvest time

Sean has been practising his recorder of late. Not the most tuneful of instruments, but to give Sean his credit he seems to have learned his notes well and the little pieces he does are very well executed. Far better than I recall doing myself.

Adrian reappeared briefly late on Wednesday, returning from Sweden. As soon as Rowan sees Adrian he immediately asks, "can I play on your phone?" Digital daft that child. Adrian accompanied me to the end of term Harvest assembly, which was being hosted by the P3 classes at the school. Finn had a very small speaking part and sang with his classmates as expected. Despite all his fun and games and jokes at home, he's still a bit shy to take anything near a leading role in such things. He complained of a sore stomach afterwards and was duly sick at after-school club. I was also feeling ropey all day. Whether this is Rowan's bug of last week finally hitting us or we've contracted it from another source I know not.

Sharon kept Finn off on Friday as he was sick again in the night and generally looking as pale as an Irishman on the first day of a sun holiday. I improved on the Friday but Sharon was sick. It's hard to tell if Angus gets affected as his nappies are terrible most of the time anyway. Sean usually complains of feeling unwell but nothing ever comes of it.

I had a busy last week at work before the October break. It's all change again in our line as our Group Executive director "resigned" at the end of September. It was on the cards for a while. Now our team is rather rudderless which is always a bit of a worry. If you don't fit in what happens to you? You want to be sure of your place in a plc, especially in the current economic climate.

Sean and Finn completed their golf term this morning, receiving their red and white and red caps respectively after their tests. They seem to have enjoyed it and not complained too much about going even when the weather has been poorly. they'll be back next term, indoors.

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