Sunday 6 November 2011

Rowan is five

Hot on the heels of Sean's birthday comes the be-dimpled boy's birthday. We held a joint family birthday lunch out at Swanston Golf Club on Saturday, after Sean and Finn had completed their golf lesson and Sharon had an unsuccessful trip to Loanhead where the swimming pool was closed. Still, we had a nice lunch and the boys pretty much behaved themselves. Sharon was busy in the afternoon so I had to be the homework boss. Finn has a lot of homework compared to Sean, which usually leads to tantrums and fights. He persevered this time and was doing some excellent joined up writing. Rowan meanwhile is reading very well. It can be hard to determine if he is reading from memory or actually blending his sounds to read the words but either way he's coming on in leaps and bounds.

Sunday was his both his birthday and his party day. He has been looking forward to being five for some time, as he anticipates that a whole new world of possibilities will open up to him now he's five. Like paying on the bus. Sadly, on the day itself, he was a bit subdued by a tummy bug, possibly the same one that seems to have been hanging about the Wallace household for the best part of the last month. At his party, at The Kabin in Loanhead, shared with Toby Francis, he played at hiding under the table, but that was really just Rowan's way of trying to escape from the hubbub, which isn't like him. Usually he likes to run with the pack, nosing his way into everything that's going on. He came out of the soft play too, unlike Angus, who was lathered in sweat. A couple of Rowan's friends complained that "his little brother was hitting them." Basher returns! Finn was at the party but Sean saw sense in avoiding a plague of five year olds and spent the afternoon at Alex's house instead. The party was enjoyed by all, despite Rowan's lack of participation. Later that evening he was complaining more of a sore stomach and got out his bed late for a little supper and a cuddle from his Mammy.

In the morning he opened his presents and had a second go in the evening after his party. With Rowan the enjoyment is usual in the opening and unwrapping and tearing rather than the presents themselves. He got a Vectron Wave from us which was pretty rubbish, to be honest, and doesn't seem to work. He got lots of play figures, some Mega Bloks, a Moshi Monsters gift pack, some money and a couple of tops.

So, not the greatest of fifth birthdays for the King of the Dimples. Here's hoping he recovers soon and really starts to enjoy being a big five year old boy.

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