Wednesday 2 November 2011

Sean is nine

The day after Sean's party was Halloween itself. Finn had a party at Beavers so went dressed up while Sean joined Lewis and others to go out guising down Lewis's way. Sean was playing his recorder. He's done well to learn a couple of tunes and can occasionally be heard tooting about the house. I still wouldn't class it as my favourite instrument though.

After Beavers, Sharon took Finn and Rowan out round a few "friendly" houses in Swanston. Rowan was a bit apprehensive going out in the dark, thinking people were going to leap out at him from behind hedges. Maybe I shouldn't have said to look out for witches and make sure he holds Mum's hand, but with Rowan you need to have some lever to stop him running off.

Finn told his jokes as did Rowan and when all guisers returned they were delighted with their glucose bounty. Fads may come and go but children will always love sweets. Needless to say we had a job calming them down and getting them to bed.

Next, today was Sean's birthday. Nine years old! His last year in single digits! He was delighted to receive a fair bit of money as he has decided to save up for an iPod Touch. He also got a few books and Hagrid's Hut Lego, a Bruno Mars CD from Edel and a funny Canadian mug from Olivia. Add in his presents from his pals and he was very happy with his lot.

The down side of the week, however, was Sean losing his new winter coat at school on Monday. When you have four children, they have to take responsibility for their own belongings and tasks as much as possible, a point we've had to drum into Sean - again.

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