Thursday 8 December 2011

On crunches

Sharon is now "on crunches" as Angus would say, following her foot operation on Wednesday. It was a filthy morning as she rose early and drove across to Clydebank through heavy rain, wind and spray, getting to the Golden Jubilee Hospital before 0730.

I took the day off and got the boys dressed and fed and off to school and nursery before bussing into Haymarket. From there I took a new (to me) train route: through Livingston North and Bathgate and on to Airdrie and the low-level line under Glasgow Queen St. It was a straight-through train to Helensburgh so I was able to go all the way to Dalmuir. As soon as I got off, the hail came on so I had a miserable walk to the hospital in heavy rain and wind. I arrived drookit!

Sharon was pleasantly relaxed after a rare morning of dozing and reading and relaxing but I wasn't there long before she was taken away to theatre. I went down to the canteen for a lunch and laze about, reading and napping, while she went under the knife.

Those of squeamish disposition can skip this paragraph! Sharon's bunion op, on her left foot, was a four-part affair. First they made a vertical z-cut through the big toe joint to allow them to swivel the toe. Next they shaved the bone off the side then they cut a wedge out the bone so that they could straighten the big toe. Finally they cut between the metatarsals to remove excess tissue. Apparently she had the strongest bone the surgeon had come across, which of course pleased the competitive nature in Sharon.

Sharon was under general anaesthetic but was fully awake by the time I saw her again, albeit with a heavily bandaged foot and a big shoe. There was more waiting about as the physio came to give Sharon her "crunches" and advise on how they wanted her to walk so as to put a little pressure on the foot (it helps the bone knit) and how to put her foot up.

Finally, after dinner, we were able to go. I wheeled Sharon down to the entrance and she made slow progess out to the car. On arrival she was greeted by Sean and Finn who were delighted to see her, even though they ought to have been in bed. Her first night's sleep wasn't great as the effects of the anaesthetic lingered and the painkillers wore off, but the deed is now done and the recovery has begun. How long Sharon can keep her frustration at sitting down for long periods under control remains to be seen!

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