Friday 16 December 2011

Snow, singing and a sore foot

The snow finally arrived last Saturday, to the boys' delight (and their parents' irritation) so Sean and Finn were obviously distracted at their golf lesson, preferring to build a snowman and have snowball fights instead. The temperature rose throughout the day and the thaw arrived, much to Sean's chagrin as he wanted to go sledging.

Michael arrived to bolster the child-minding as Sharon starts the recovery from her foot op. It's been a painful first few days, with a crate in the bed helping to keep her foot free from quilt interference but the rigid positioning of her foot causing a strain on the rest of her leg and back.

Finn has been on the singing trail with the rest of the P3s, singing at an old folks home in Oxgangs ("some of them were as old as you Nana") and also at Tesco, raising a decent sum of money. Sean too has been hitting the high notes. He tried out with Kyle for a duet but Kyle was reluctant to do it so Sean merged in with the rest of his class in singing at Morrisons. Sharon managed down with Nana and Papa to hear him.

The snow may have thawed quickly but the temperature stayed near freezing and the night of the school disco was a horrible mix of sleety gales and rain. I took Rowan up for the early P1-P3 disco (Finn declined). He was a bit reluctant to join in, despite seeing plenty of his classmates but after loading up with sweets at the tuck shop he eventually let me go. When I returned later with Sean he was having a ball although I'm not sure he had done much in the way of dancing, preferring to muck about in the corridors. Sean had a great time. It brought back the novelty of being in school at night, seeing familiar places at an unsual time of day, in unusual lighting, with dark corridors leading off from the main action.

There was a pantomime in the school on Wednesday, which Rowan especially seems to have enjoyed, then Sean and Finn joined their Cub and Beaver packs at the Kings Theatre tonight to see Cinderella. It was a late return home for the boys who have been having a great run-up to Christmas.

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