Sunday 25 December 2011

Christmas cheer

Sean was very excited running up to Christmas and Christmas Eve was no exception. He was determined to go to bed early but that didn't transpire and he was beside himself as he found he couldn't get off to sleep. It must have been close to 11pm before he tipped over and Sharon heard him at 2am and then at intervals through the night as he and Sean evidently got up to check their stockings. The night had been very windy so Santa must have been fairly blown about on his travels. Thankfully he filled the stockings and left some presents in the appointed places in the living room, as well as a dirty footprint in the fireplace.

The wee two didn't join in till 7am and the stocking gifts were duly opened. Next, Nana, Papa and Olivia were roused from their beds to provide the entourage to the main event in the living room. Rowan was less frenzied this year. Last year he was like a present-threshing machine! Angus definitely got Christmas this year. "My open this one?" he would ask questioningly, his head cocked to one side as he hefted a parcel in his hands. So what did they get this year?

In the stockings were mess tins for camping, Womble tins with chocolate gold coins, the obligatory tangerines, glow necklaces and wrist bands, drinks bottles, Moshi monsters, CDs and Curly Wurlys. Sean got a story writing book and Lego Harry Potter 5-7 Wii game from Santa, golf clubs, Strictly Come Dancing annual and long sleeve T-shirts from us. Finn got a science experiment book and an Epic Mickey Wii game from Santa and a golf bag, Junior Scrabble and long sleeve T-shirts from us. Rowan got a Super Mario Galaxy Wii game and history wall map from Santa and a USB Drum Pad, Space Race game and world jigsaw from us. Angus did well, getting an Iggle Piggle soft toy, Wii Party with controller and a soft football from Santa and a three wheel scooter, Toy Story backpack and velcro ball and bib catch and target game from us. There was also books and DVDs and an annual castle pass from Nana and Papa which will be put to good use.

After all the excitement of the unwrapping the living room was a bit of a mess. I made the Christmas porridge then Sharon took over in the kitchen, hobbling about and directing Marie and Olivia in the preparations for the dinner. I was tired enough and evidently so was Angus who fell asleep in my arms on the couch while I managed a brief doze as the boys played their new Wii games.

Suitably refreshed and dressed, I took Sean, Rowan and Angus down to the Hermitage of Braid for a breezy walk and to try to persuade Angus to use his new scooter. In the event it was Rowan who did most of the scooting.

Dinner was late in the afternoon. The turkey crown was a little dry but the baked ham was delicious. We filled up, the boys were delighted to have crackers, and a selection of puddings. The highlight of the day was the boys' Christmas show. Sean had been arranging this for the best part of a week and it was a treat. He danced, both solo and with an unusually focused Rowan (mostly used as a rag doll for Sean to lift and twirl about), Sean and Finn sang Winter Wonderland, parting to reveal Rowan on the fireplace, singing the chorus line, Sean played Jingle Bells on his recorder and Rowan sang Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer with interjections from Finn seated behind him. Not to be outdone, Angus insisted on doing an impromptu dance too, spinning round and round before staggering off to the couch.

All done it was very well executed and was great to see them perform, with so much confidence, something they had evidently practised. A very nice was to round off Christmas Day.

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