Friday 30 December 2011

Festive whirl

We had a very busy festive period. With Christmas Day over, Olivia was due to fly back to Ireland but was struck down with a serious migraine and had to take to her bed. Never easy getting peace and quiet in our house when Rowan is thumping about, wailing and yelling at frequent intervals.

We headed down to the Fishers on Boxing day for a very busy open house. I walked down with the boys then Michael came down later with Sharon who had to find a corner where her foot was not in danger of being trod on. Having loaded up on a fine spread of food we headed home before it got too late. Olivia was fortunately better the next day and so was able to travel home with Marie and Michael who were returning home after three weeks for a well earned rest.

No peace in our house however, as Ali and Gordon arrived with Megan, Freya and Innes for dinner and a sleepover. There was much high jinks but we kept the boys and the visitors on separate levels and so were able to enjoy our venison in some peace. It was good to get some time with the Barnes without the children milling around.

Next up, on the 28th, the Cairns came round for tea, with Alan and Jenny, Hannah's parents, also invited. Another day of cooking and eating! Rowan and Finn were pleased with themselves as we sent them next door to Betty in search of a fish kettle. They got a glass of juice and a biscuit in Betty's as she searched for the pan then they returned after a successful errand. I had bought a whole salmon which did seven children and six adults!

There was no chance of peace and quiet the next day either! Sean and I popped to the library then we went to Bonnyrigg for a swim (Sean, Finn and I) and a soft play (Sharon overseeing Rowan and Angus). Once home we were invaded by the Shaws - Iain, Alana, Billy, David and Jamie, Iain's sister Fiona, husband Richard and daughter Heather, and Katherine Grainger. The noise levels were deafening! The boys reprised their Christmas Show, with additions from the Shaw boys, but Angus was overcome with shyness in front of the massed ranks. His little face fell just a few steps into his dance and he rushed into his Mammy's arms. The wee sausage!

The week ended with a filthy wet and windy day (the weather has been poor all week - it's been a struggle to get the boys out the door, with little incentive to venture out). Sharon decided to get a bus in to her physio at Haymarket then I brought the boys in to pick her up after lunch. From there we drove over to the Mackrells in Duddingston for a cake fest. We hadn't seen Brian, Susan, Stuart and Kirsty in quite a while, nor the Kirkland. Andy and Kate were there too with Eve, Alice and the twins, Isobel and May. So, another full house with lots of kids running around filled with cake and sugar! Angus was having a great dance with the twins. To round it all off, I made a fine GF fish and chips once home. Shame the children were so caked up they didn't appreciate it as much as Sharon and me!

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