Tuesday 3 January 2012

Into 2012

It's the last day of my festive holiday, although the boys still have another week to go before returning to school. Today was yet another day of high winds although this time the damage was more apparent. Nothing to report from Swanston apart from a few upended bins and a load of rubbish dancing around the garden, but on driving into town with the big three we came across more severe upheaval. Another of the trees from the Meadows was down across Melville Drive. The Western Approach Rd was closed as power lines had come down. And we found our way along Newbattle Terrace blocked by another mighty tree felled by the wind, right across the road and on top of a car.

In between, we battled our way from shop to shop and had lunch in Debenhams. Edel was due to fly over with Barry but her flight was inevitably delayed by the wind and it was after 5pm before Finn and I, fresh from haircuts in Morningside, were able to pick them up from the airport. Needless to say the boys were delighted to see their little cousin, Angus especially happy to have his wee playmate back. And Barry is walking now too.

Yesterday was a lazy day for most of us in that we had no visitors or people to see. I took down the Christmas decorations since, being up quite early, the tree was beginning to pong a bit and I wanted everything tidied away before I went back to work and before the forecast bad weather arrived. Given the gales overnight and today I'm glad I took the tree back to Klondyke for recycling yesterday.

On New Years' Day we headed over to the Patersons' late in the afternoon as part of a general get together and to partake of some nosh. The boys were happy to play in the den with Ross while Angus wandered about looking for food and having a chat. The boys were a little tired after a run of late nights, not least of which was Hogmanay itself. The big two got to stay up late, watching telly with Mum and Dad for the first time. Just as we were watching the bells and fireworks from the centre of Edinburgh on TV, there was a barrage of bangs outside. Whether the TV signal was slightly delayed or whether there was some local fireworks going off slightly ahead of the main event, it was enough to waken Rowan who appeared at the living room door with a screwed up, grumpy face. So we got to wish him a Happy New Year too, although he looked far from happy about it. Neither Sean nor Finn would try the ginger wine but I found it potable enough after all those years of trying it when Lesley and I were growing up and finding it too rough on the throat.

Earlier in the day we drove out to West Linton so that Sharon could go to see Michael, her trainer, and get back on track with some exercise. She's feeling frustrated at not being able to do much, hampered by the foot. I drove around with the boys then, on picking Sharon up, we drove to Whitmuir Organics and had a lazy lunch there. The food took a bit longer than expected to arrive and Angus was served red wine gravy with his sausages but we were in no hurry and the boys were on good form. It was a pleasant way to end 2011.

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