Thursday 12 January 2012

Back to school

The boys are finally back at school after what seems liks the longest festive break ever. Marie arrived last Saturday night, followed by Michael on Monday so the school transport logistics are sorted once more while Sharon's pediatry recovery continues. There was almost a setback on Saturday night as she was reading stories to the boys. Sean slipped and bumped the console unit in the bedroom which shifted into Sharon's foot, bending it upwards. I was alerted by a number of screams of pain, followed by tears from the boys who got a fright. Hopefully no lasting damage has been done. The bandage is due to come off next week.

Rowan's night-time wanderings have continued. His start back at school was delayed slightly as he had an appointement at the Eye Pavilion after an 18-month absence, to check on the bad squint he has suddenly developed in his left eye. Marie came with us. The squint isn't noticeable with his glasses on and the optometrist believes that the "decompensation" as she called it could have resulted from Rowan not wearing his glasses or looking over the top of them, two things he was guilty of earlier last year. Also, for someone with hyperopia (long-sightedness), at his age he has started using his eyes much more, especially with starting school. The eyes working harder can exacerbate conditions if the glasses are being worn properly. No patching (thankfully, as Rowan would have been a hard man to get to stick to that regime) and his levels of vision are decent in both eyes with his glasses on, but he's being referred to the consultant.

With his brothers back at school, Angus was highly talkative all day, barely pausing to breathe. He has been doing much hugging and kissing and was making "pizza" with the playdo. He's now 400g off the 20kg mark and is attacking his food with a renewed vigour after being "aff it" over Christmas. Rowan is only six pounds heavier than him. Rowan is heavier than his wiry frame might imply but Angus is just a hefty lump!

The garage door people came today and can't get the tension back on the rollers at all from the wires. They spent the best part of an hour trying to sort it. The door manufacturers pulled out of the UK five years ago, and there are no replacement parts to be had. So, replacing it could cost upwards of £800 depending on the style of door chosen. Not a good start to the year. At least Adrian has fixed the back door so we can access the garage.

The "twins" had a 67th birthday tea on Tuesday night. A traditional Irish favourite of baked ham, spuds, cabbage and other veg, and a cake with candles after. I think the boys were disappointed there were only seven candles on the cake! Sharon held a Directors' meeting in the house last night at which the new Sales Director for Pampered Chef UK, Nick Banyard, was present. So, it's been a busy start to the New Year!

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