Tuesday 17 January 2012

Micnic at Stirling Castle

Despite it being January, we've managed a couple of picnics in the last wee while. Or "micnics" as Angus was calling them. As well as "natto" for tomato. But aside from these amusing little variations - "please a somethin else?" is a favourite adopted by his "brudders" when looking for more food at the table - his speech is coming on very well. He can roll his R's better that Rowan. And interestingly, Rowan doesn't seem to be a "brudder" - whereas Sean and Finn collectively are. However, Rowan is included in the call of "come on boys, dinner time!"

Anyway, on Sunday 8th we joined the Patersons for a circular walk around the reservoir at Harelaw. Angus, to his credit, did very well, plodding manfully for 40 minutes of the 50 minute circuit, his finger in his mouth for the last while and eventually a request to be lifted was granted. Rowan was complaining within minutes of leaving the car. Admittedly there was a cold wind cutting across an otherwise mild day. Rowan doesn't do cold. Sharon was waiting back at the car with our soup and sandwiches which perked Angus up no end. He likes his grub!

This Sunday we took two cars up the M9 to Stirling on a cold and frosty lunchtime. We had the picnic first this time, to fortify ourselves for a Castle visit, making first use of the passes purchased for the boys' Christmases by Nana and Papa who were also in attendance. Rowan went into meltdown after his picnic, weeping uncontrollably that he was too cold (he had taken off his duffle coat as it was getting in his way when eating his soup and he refused to put it back on) and wailing all the way into the castle. His record at Stirling Castle is not good. On the first visit he had a similar tantrum towards the end of the visit, and last time he fell off a cannon on to his face.

With Rowan eventually subdued, we had a good wander through the newly refurbished parts of the castle before treating the boys to hot chocolate. The surrounding plains were draped in low-lying fog and our vantage point afforded some spectacular views.

Sean and Finn spent most of their savings last week with the purchase of an iPod Touch (4th generation) each. I spent Friday night setting them up and they barely lifted their heads on Saturday as they explored its setting and features, pausing only to ask me to download some free game or other. Rowan isn't too put out as he'll now get even more of the Nintendo DSi to himself. Angus, despite often sitting grasping a Wii controller if the others are playing on the Wii, isn't yet seduced by the digital world, although the speed with which he has gone from having no interest in TV to pestering us constantly - "my watch a movie?" - suggests he won't be far behind.

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