Friday 27 January 2012

Driving Miss Proudfoot

Sharon's new name ought to be Sharon Proudfoot. She's very pleased with the results of the operation now that the bandages have come off. Day by day she's finding it a bit easier to manage about and the crutches have now taken up permanent residence behind the living room door (when Angus and Rowan aren't running through the house using them as guns).

Sharon is not quite back to driving yet, so I was the nominated driver on Monday night as she did her first show since the operation, out in East Linton. I dropped her off and then went for a swim in Haddington, managing a credible 40 lengths. Slow but sure, I was determined to get past Sean's recent 32 lengths (800m) record. He's since been allowed to stop going to swimming lessons.

It was a cold clear night and I drove up round Traprain Law before parking to get a good look at the dark night skies above East Lothian while listening to the end of the Harry Potter audiobook "The Half-Blood Prince" which has been playing in the car since well before Christmas. There was a great view of Orion and the Plaeides overhead and it was good to have some "me time." I followed it up by a glass of cider and a read of my book by the roaring fire in the East Linton Hotel until Sharon was ready to be collected. An unusual but very enjoyable Monday evening.

I reprised my taxi role last night, this time heading through to East Kilbride. I was shown to the front room while Sharon did the job in the kitchen-dining area. It was a bitter night with frozen snow rutting the roads of EK and the M8 sparkling icily on the drive home.

The boys tucked into haggies, neeps and tatties on Tuesday night, in honour of Robert Burns. Finn and Rowan helped prepare the veg. I never have got round to finding somewhere that does gluten-free haggis. Maybe next year!

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