Tuesday 31 January 2012

Driving test

Sharon managed a test drive around the block at the weekend in preparation for Michael's departure on Wednesday. I went the other way though, being barely able to walk and drive this morning after my gout flared up very painfully on Monday. Last night was excrutiating. I took to Rowan's bed (he's sleeping in Sean's bed these days, and Sean is enjoying the solitude of the top bunk in the playroom) but couldn't settle with the pain. Fortunately the Indomethacin has done its job today, but I was struggling to function at work today.

Sean was most put out on Saturday when he missed most of Sarah's ten-pin bowling party. I reiterated he needs to start taking control of his own calendar and not rely on us to remind him of everything. As compensation he got to go to Ross's for a play on Sunday and went to see the film Monster in Paris. I took the middle two to see it too, at the Omni Vue, after a walk around the Old Town and a brief visit to Edinburgh Castle beforehand. Sharon went out to Livingston with Michael and the Meat Ball, also known as The Boy Wonder. So it was a day of divide and conquer.

On Monday night we had the first of the Dubai events in the house, with a few of the prospective qualifiers round to receive a presentation from stylist Judith Campbell on how to pack. Not quite my idea of a big night in but it was a trifle more interesting than my day-long workshop in Business Process Management today.

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