Wednesday 8 February 2012

Rowan Rowan Redbreist

Rowan was picked as one of the three representatives of his class to recite the J.K.Annand poen "Robin Robin Redbreist" but didn't quite make the final cut. That didn't matter to us though because it was great to see him confidently deliver the short poem in the Scots tongue, despite him still being a little unclear in his enunciation of "r". He was taking every opportunity to recite it in front of any gathering in the house, bringing a tear to the eye of several Pampered Chef ladies! It was good to see him concentrate on something. He does have good memory, that is evident in the speed with which he is taking to reading, but his inability to stay still and give you attention and appear to have understood what you are saying and act upon it, is a cause for concern, especially if he continues to behave that way in class.

All the Wallace boys were in the MacPherson clan at school, which was part of the Growing Confident Kids programme at Pentland. There were four clans, with members from each class. They had Highland Games type events, were learning songs and dances and all things Scottish. There was a showcase event with lots of things on all over the school. Sharon went along to see it. Finn continues to get a lot more homework than Sean, which Finn finds frustrating. He doesn't enjoy the word side of things, spelling and making up sentences. Usually this ends in tantrums and tears. He enjoys his maths and his reading is great (as is his joined-up writing) but he just cannot seem to settle into writing a few creative (or even basic) sentences without a long rigmarole. He finished "The Enchanted Wood" this week which is by far his longest book to date, so he was quite rightly proud of that achievement. Sean continues to cycle though the Harry Potter tales despite my efforts to get him to branch out. He's read some of them four times now.

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