Thursday 30 August 2012

Last one in the system

Almost two weeks after his brothers re-started school, Angus followed them by having his first afternoon at pre-school nursery at Pentland on Tuesday. It was a bright, blustery day and he pestered Sharon all morning as to when he could get his pre-school uniform on. In fact, he has been talking about "school nursery" for a while now, eager to know when he is going and generally disappointed when he realises he is headed for Fairmile or to drop the boys off to school instead.

I arrived home from work to get him changed into his grey shorts, white polo shirt and red sweatshirt. It's only 14 months since Rowan last wore them before making the transition to Primary One. Angus looked undeniably cute and was beaming as he sat for photos on the stairs and on the front step. He did throw a tantrum over the choice of footwear however, insisting that he was not wearing shoes and that his penguin crocs were what he was wearing. We let him have his way (Angus gets his way a lot more than his brothers ever did). He's certainly the burliest child we've ever dispatched to nursery and he fairly fills his school clothes, although the sleeves on his sweatshirt did need to be turned up.

Linda was delighted to see him before he departed in the car with Sharon and I. We had to be let in the locked school gate and we were greeted by Rowan, running wild as ever on his lunch hour. Once let in, Angus dispensed with the formalities of greeting his teachers and made a beeline into the class to sit next to his pal Finlay and tuck into a snack straight away. Feed Angus and you'll have a happy child. We left him to it, Sharon more reluctantly than me as our youngest boy entered the system. It's six and a half years since we first took Sean up to the annexed pre-school at Fairmilehead Church. Another fifteen till Angus leaves. It seems like a long stretch but it'll be done before we know it.

Sharon went to collect Angus early, as he was only supposed to be in for a reduced time to "settle in." Needless to say he was not happy about having to go. They were being read a story at the time. Sharon asked on the way home what the story was about and the sarcastic reply was "My not know, wur took me away before the finish!" He also painted a picture - of his mum.

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